Interested in a swimming course?

Swimming lessons for children from the age of 6 years

Our experienced swim instructors introduce your children to the breaststroke in a playful and goal-oriented manner.

They will learn, individually or in small groups, the overall coordination of arm and footwork, jumping from the edge of the pool into deep water and diving for an object.

Your children are in good hands with our experienced swimming instructors. Our empathetic trainers are happy to personally answer your questions, concerns and requests.

For children under 6 years of age, we recommend our swimming course for toddlers. There, children from 3 to 6 years of age are introduced to swimming movements in a playful way and are thus best prepared for our beginners’ course.

Swimming lessons for adults to learn or improve swimming technique

With our swimming instructors who are specifically trained in Luxembourg, you will quickly learn the ideal movement pattern with targeted technical exercises.

You will learn what it means to glide optimally and to move efficiently and energy-saving through the water. We want to achieve something in swimming with you. Our building blocks guarantee success in learning and improving coordination and fitness in swimming. You will learn to enjoy this wonderful sport.

You will strengthen and define your upper body and back muscles, as well as your core and leg muscles. As a supplement and compensation for other sports or with the aim of completing a triathlon soon – swimming offers you numerous opportunities to expand your athletic field of motion.

You can also use swimming to promote the healing process for joint problems or to increase energy consumption in the water, supporting weight loss. We offer our swimming training to beginners as well as advanced.

Phase 1: Assessment

A general medical history forms our starting point. Our special diagnostics are used for individual training planning and as a reference for further tests accompanying training.

Phase 2: Techniqueand coordinationtraining

Learn the meaning of individual phases as well as elementary physical laws of swimming. Improve your coordination and position in the water with our technical exercises, learn to glide through the water with pressure and to make the most of your turns.

Phase 3: Video analysis

With our video analysis of your underwater movement, we offer you an ideal opportunity to achieve even faster success. The video will then be made available to you via download.

Phase 4: Fitness training

We define your training intensities according to your goal and your current personal performance level. Use our diagnostics and our plans to train in a targeted manner and reach your goal faster. This is an important component in training, especially in triathlon training and in preparation for competitions.

Accompanying swim strength training

Train your strength endurance and increase your movement efficiency. Strength training with general swimming movements will complete your workout to the fullest. Swim powerfully and effortlessly.